Committed to Sustainability

Camden strives to integrate sustainability into all aspects of its business. CLICK HERE to learn more about our comprehensive sustainability plan.

Environmental Leadership

Camden is committed to the responsible stewardship of the environment by providing recycling bins for our residents and communities, maintaining eco-friendly workplaces and building with energy efficient materials.

We support our employees in becoming LEED-accredited professionals. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a performance-based rating system for green buildings established by the U.S Green Building Council and is the benchmark for green building.

Conserving Resources

  • To limit wasteful electricity use, vacant apartment homes have the power disabled - weather permitting in some areas.
  • To conserve water, plants requiring minimum levels of water to thrive are used heavily throughout each community's landscaping.
  • Camden uses zone heating/cooling to minimize electricity usage.
  • All common area lighting at Camden is now fluorescent lighting which uses 25% less power.
  • Camden replaced metal halide bulbs in our garages with fluorescent bulbs which use 25% less power.
  • To conserve water, Camden has installed rain sensors on the irrigation systems to ensure watering only occurs when needed.
  • Whenever possible, Camden uses reclaimed waste water for landscape irrigation of our plants.
  • Camden's model apartments have light timers installed to ensure they are only on while apartment is being toured.
  • Energy Star compliant office equipment where possible.

Smart Choices

  • Camden encourages residents to pay rent online to decrease paper usage.
  • Camden has increased resident communication through email versus printed flyers to help conserve on paper usage.
  • Camden has established an online system which allows residents to submit maintenance requests, decreasing paper usage.
  • Whenever possible, Camden encourages reusing office supplies to help us in our efforts to go green.
  • Further decreasing the paper trail, resident contact is now being logged online.
  • Camden chooses to build new communities on sustainable sites to protect the land.
  • Camden recycles our computers and monitors at the time of purchasing new ones.
  • Camden has automated systems to reduce paperwork/travel within their regional and corporate offices.
  • Camden's payment system has eliminated 9,500+ annual paper checks.
  • Our annual reports are only mailed if requested by an investor.
  • LifeSize video conference in all of our markets to reduce the need for travel.
  • Our internal servers have been virtualized to reduce Camden’s carbon footprint.
  • Policies and procedure manuals are no longer printed and can be found online.

Eco-Friendly Materials

  • We are proud to report that the majority of our communities have resident recycle waste programs. Camden uses recycled carpet and carpet padding.
  • Camden installs insulated windows on all new construction to conserve on energy used.
  • Camden's fitness centers use recyclable modified rubber flooring.
  • Camden provides residents with reusable grocery bags to use instead of plastic bags.
  • To assist with our green effort, Camden provides recycling containers in our welcome centers.
  • Recycling containers are distributed to residents to help them in their green efforts.
  • Camden recycles clippings from prunings to use as mulch throughout the community.
  • Whenever possible, Camden uses energy-efficient bulbs throughout the community.
  • To help protect our environment, Camden uses organic fertilizers for landscaping.
  • Camden uses green cleaning products to cut down on harmful substances released into the air.
  • Camden practices integrated pest management to limit our usage of pesticides released into the air.
  • Camden uses zero and low VOC paints throughout the community to limit toxic chemicals released into our air system.
  • Camden has implemented the use of refrigerant for air conditioning that does not damage our ozone.

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